Choosing the right safe for you is not always an easy task. Harry Armstrong Locksmiths stock some of the best and biggest range of safes in Perth, and while choice is usually a good thing, if you’ve never bought a safe before it can be quite confusing! Fire ratings, lock design, custom sizing, and placement all factor into the decision.

If you look at other safe suppliers (or even in movies), you might think that there can’t be that much variance from safe to safe – aren’t they all just thin metal boxes with a standard combination lock?

Lucky for us (and unlucky for thieves) the real world is a little more complicated!

That’s why we’ve put together this three-part Safe Buying Guide to help you identify the purpose your safe will fulfill, which features to look out for, and finally the type of safe that’s right for you.

Part 1) Why You Need a Safe

The part 1 of our safe buying guide looks at the main reasons people buy safes to begin with – what items are being stored and who are the items being protected from – and the various types of safes that suit each need.

If you know exactly why you need a safe, it becomes very simple to assess what features you should be looking out for!

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Part 2) Top Features For Your Safe

By answering the questions in Part 1, you’ll have a good idea of what you need when shopping around for the best safe. The features and technology available on a safe can vary from model to model.

However, there are a few important features to know about before buying a safe. In part 2 of our safe buying guide we examine the top features for you safe.

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Part 3) Which Type of Safe to Buy

Up to this point, you will have determined your needs for buying a Perth safe and have a good idea of some of the key features to look for in a safe. The final task before going out to purchase your safe is to determine what specific type you need to buy.

Different types of safe are specially designed for the user’s needs and will include security ratings and features that align with those needs. In part 3 of our safe buying guide we present the most common types of safes available and which one will best suit you.

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