How to Find the Best Safe for Your Needs

A safe is the last line of defence for securing and storing your most valuable possessions, which means selecting the correct safe for your needs is a decision not to be taken lightly.

There are a number of personal factors to consider when choosing a safe: budget, space and level of security must all be thought about. On top of these factors, you also have an ever-growing variety of different safes with various features to compare as well.

All of this can make selecting the best safe in Perth for you a very confusing task, which is why we have created this guide. This article will outline everything you need to know before buying a safe. Armed with all this information, you’ll know exactly what to look for when searching for a safe and can be confident when purchasing.


Things to Consider When Buying Perth Safes

Before you go out and have a look at all the different types and models of Perth safes available, you need to know why you are buying a safe in the first place. If you know exactly why you need a safe, it becomes very simple to assess what features you should be looking out for.

There are several points to think about before you choose a safe. The questions below will allow you to come up with a checklist of features that your safe will need. Answer each question to find the best safe for your personal needs.


1) What do You Wish to Secure in the Safe?

This is the obvious place to start. Each type of safe is built with a different storage purpose in mind. To find out what kind of safes you should be looking at, you need to outline exactly what items will be kept inside.

For example, keeping cash inside a safe means your safe will have to have high enough protection from fire to keep it safe in the event of a fire. You’ll also need to make sure the safe will be insured for the amount of cash you wish to keep inside.

For keeping jewellery, there are safes designed for this specific purpose that feature shelves, drawers and linings to protect your items. Other specialist safes, like those designed for guns, are also available should you require one.


2) What Are you Protecting Your Items From?

Once you know what is going inside the safe, you need to have a think about what it is you wish to secure your items from.

Of course, theft is always a key reason behind using a safe. Any safe should have some degree of protection from theft but the level of security can vary. For example, key locks, pin code locks and fingerprint scanners all offer varying security levels. The insurance rating of the safe is usually a good indicator of how secure it is.

As mentioned earlier, another reason for keeping valuable items inside a safe is protection from a fire. If this is a concern for you, you may want to invest in a fire safe. It is crucial to observe the safe’s fire rating before purchasing to ensure your items will be protected properly.


3) How Much are you Willing to Spend?

With any purchase, your budget is key to making your buying decision. When it comes to buying a safe, the value of the items kept inside will have an influence on the amount you’re willing to spend to secure them.

Generally, a more secure, sophisticated safe is going to cost more but is going to be worth the investment when securing higher-value items. Some safe types require professional installation and maintenance, which we can offer for safes in Perth. Therefore, the costs of these services also need to be considered.


4) Where Will the Safe be Placed?

There are specific types of safe available depending on where you wish to keep it. For extra security, you can hide you safe under your floor with a floor safe or have one built into your wall.

On the other hand, you may need a secure filing cabinet in an office or a smaller security box to be placed on a shelf.

Whatever you decide, you’ll need to make sure there is enough room to fit the safe and that it can be accessed easily.


Key Safe Features to Look at

By answering the questions above, you’ll have a good idea of what you need when shopping around for the best safe. The features and technology available on a safe can vary from model to model.

However, there are a few important features to know about before buying a safe:


1) Fire Rating

A safe’s fire rating is simply how well it will hold up to a fire and for how long. The fire rating you need will be dependent upon what is inside the safe. Many house fires can take around 30 minutes to bring under control, which means your safe needs to maintain its fire protection for at least that amount of time.

There are safes available that cater to securing either paper documents or media items in the event of a fire. For documents and files that are absolutely critical, you should opt for the best fire rating you can find and afford.


2) Type of Lock

There are a few different types of locking mechanisms on the market. Much like the safe itself, the locks will also have their own security rating. Which type of lock you choose will be determined by a combination of its security rating and personal preference. The most common lock types are listed below:


Key locks – The traditional type of lock that requires a key to unlock it. Of course, these are simple to use since they don’t require batteries or any codes to be remembered. However, the keys need to be kept safe.


Electronic keypad locks – These locks make use of a password or pin code that you need to memorise. The benefit is there is no key to keep safe, but you do need to remember your code. Fortunately, there will usually be a master override system in place should you forget your pin.


Biometric locks – Biometric refers to any type of lock that needs a part of your body to open it. The most common are retina and fingerprint scanners. Obviously, the biggest advantage here is there are no keys or even passwords and only select individuals can get into the safe.


Mechanical combination locks – This kind of lock is probably what most people picture when they imagine a safe. It is a combination lock that is entered by turning a wheel to various positions.


3) Insurance and Cash Rating

Most Perth safes are given a rating based on a cash figure. The logic is that a higher “cash rating” means the safe offers a higher level of security. This cash rating is often used by insurance companies to determine the level of cover they are willing to give you.

It is always wise to contact your own insurance provider before purchasing a safe to make sure your items will be covered should they get stolen or damaged while inside the safe.


Which Type of Safe to Buy?

Up to this point, you will have determined your needs for buying a Perth safe and have a good idea of some of the key features to look for in a safe. The final task before going out to purchase your safe is to determine what specific type you need to buy.

Different types of safe are specially designed for the user’s needs and will include security ratings and features that align with those needs. Here’s a list and short explanation of the most common types of safes available:


1) Security Safes

A security safe is the standard kind you are likely to see in most homes. They are primarily used to protect items like cash, jewellery and documents from theft.

To judge the security level, cash ratings are widely used; higher cash ratings correlate to a more secure safe. Higher level security safes are built to withstand more of the drills and cutting tools that a burglar may use.

View our range of Perth security safes here: Security safes Perth


2) Deposit Safes

A deposit safe is like a security safe and is normally used to protect cash and documents. The difference is they feature a section that allows items to be easily deposited, hence the name.

A common example of deposit safes being used is inside a shop where the shopkeeper will store cash at the end of the day. Deposit safes are useful in situations where multiple people might need to place items in the safe but you don’t want them to be able to take anything out.

View our range of Perth deposit safes here: Deposit safes Perth


3) Fire Rated Filing Cabinets

Most commonly used in office environments and, of course, used for protecting important documents. As the name suggests, these filing cabinets offer a much higher level or fire protection than a standard filing cabinet.

If you need a filing system to hold critical documents, a fire rated filing cabinet is a must.

View our range of Perth fire rated filing cabinets here: Fire rated filing cabinets Perth


4) Fire Safes

A fire safe may look similar to a standard security safe but they offer much higher protection from heat and fires. They use materials and design specifications geared toward keeping cash and documents safe during fires.

Every safe has a fire rating that takes into account the inside temperature and how long it takes for that temperature to exceed the level at which paper burns. Some fire safes may also have a “drop rating”, which measures their strength when falling from a specified height. If your main concern is keeping documents safe from fire, you should invest in a fire safe.

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5) Gun Safes

Also known as residential protection safes, gun safes are designed with the appropriate locks and dimensions for holding firearms and ammunition. The firearms act 1996 outlines certain storage specifications for firearms, so keeping your gun in a high-quality gun safe is a necessity.

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6) Key Storage

Usually, a key safe or key cabinet will be used by businesses like hotels or car showrooms. They are usually wall-mounted and used to keep numerous keys organised and safe.

Many of the features found on a standard security safe can be incorporated into key cabinets. Some key safes can be fitted with an area for depositing keys as well, which is useful for hotel owners or apartment rentals.

If you need a key safe, you will need to purchase one with enough key hooks and you’ll need to consider where it is being kept and whether a deposit box is required.

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7) Floor Safes

Floor safes are built into the floor of your home, office or business and provide one of the most discreet storage options; your safe will remain out of sight. Floor safes are excellent for providing high levels of security and fire protection without taking up extra floor or shelf space.

The biggest drawback of a floor safe is they require expert knowledge and will have to be fitted by a professional. A common place for household floor safe installation is the garage since there are usually no floorboards or carpets to take up beforehand.

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Final Thoughts on Buying the Best Safe for You

After reading through this guide, you should now have a very good idea of what type of safes you should be looking at. You can use the questions you answered earlier on, and the features guide as a checklist for comparing different models of your chosen safe type.

To get started, view our very own range of high-standard safes and vaults in Perth.